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BIOACTIV GE 800 Chemrez BioActiv GE 800 is a 100% organic gasoline enhancer made from re-engineered esters containing short and saturated hydrocarbon chain structure conforming to the carbon chain structure of motor gasoline. It provides superb quality enhancing features thru its oxygen content for combustion, solveny for declogging/cleaning, and lubricity for "boundery lubrication" of the fuel system. It enhances octance for better acceleration and leaves no combustion residue. Being made of short and saturated hydrocarbon, it is highly oxidation stable and volatilizes efficiently.
BIOACTIV BD-100 BioActiv BD-100 is a premium diesel fuel enhancer derived from plant oil. It exhibits fuel properties superior to petroleum diesel to improve the operation of compression ignition engines. It contains oxygen for clean burning; solvency for engine cleaning and high lubricty to reduce friction and wear in fuel systems. Its high cetane number boosts engine acceleration to the satisfactin of motorists.
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