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BIOSOL CLEAN N PURGE Clean 'n' Purge is a new generation oil system cleaner this essential for flushing used motor oil before every oil change. It is formulated to be effiecient at draining all used oil while maintaining lubricity in all engine parts. It is an essential car maintenance product that is suitable for gasoline and diesel engines.
BIOSOL CLEANSER BioSol Cleanser is a concentrated environment friendly, plant based cleaner and degreaser. Its main ingredient consist of predominantly short carbon chain esters that makes it effective in breaking heavy hydrocarbon molecules like fuel oil, asphalts, oil & grease into fine particle and loosening their stickness for ease in cleansing.
BIOSOLVE SPILL RX BioSolve Spill Rx has been developed by Chemrez to quickly respond to hydrocation spill with untmost concern on safety of the environment and the responding team. BioSolve Spill Rx is a unique, plant based, non hazardous, non-toxic, biodegradable formulation that expedites the removal of spilled Hydrocarbon Oils. It works by microemulsifying and reducing hydrocarbon compounds into extremely small particles by breaking up surface oil slicks and disperses the oil as fine droplets into the water column.
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