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SURFASOL P-630 is a safe and environment friendly solvent cleaner and degreaser. It is made from plant based materials and has excellent grease cutting & solvency properties. It breaks and dissolves hardened oily deposits (i.e. crude oil, fuel oil, asphalts, oils & greases), and loosen their adherence on surfaces to allow easy cleaning.
SURFASOL P-900 An organic, non-aromatic solvent cleaner. It has excellent solvency property for various oil field applications. It can directly replace most petroleum-derived solvent cleaners especially where xylene, other aromatics and mineral spirits are commonly used.
SURFASOL O-150 A concentrated oil soluble surface cleaner-degreaser that has excellent grease-cutting and solvency properties, breaking viscous oil ( i.e. crude oil,  fuel oil, asphalts, oils greases, & others )  into fine particles, loosening their stickiness on surfaces to allow easy rinsing. It is applicable for use in facilities where wastewater is discharged into open waterways without passing through oil-water separators.( Oil dissolved   into fine particles will disperse efficiently in water to accelerate its natural biodegradation through nature’s oil-eating bacteria.) 
SURFASOL W-250 A plant-based water-emulsifiable solvent cleaner. It contains  a proprietary surfactant blend especially formulated to replace hazardous solvents in cleaning and removing oily and greasy surfaces  of cargo tanks, decks of vessels and drilling rigs, runways, hangars, roadways , service bays, garages and many others. 
DEGRIZ 100 is a premium fast acting, waterless, hand cleaner for removing heavy grease, oil, carbon, soot, lubricant, adhesive, tar and even magic marker ink. It is derived from plant based materials, and does not contain harsh solvents. It gives a better cleaning performance and leaves the skin feeling smooth. It can be used for industrial and home applications.
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