Reference: PITTURE E VERNICI-EUROPEAN COATINGS - September-october 2011 Issue, Vol. 87

The paint industry is always faced with a dilemma when considering new materials utilizing green technology. There is a common misconception that green materials are priced higher, making their use impractical if not unfeasible.

At times using eco-friendly material even compromises paint performance. Well, green technology need not come at a premium for the simple reason that there are plenty of strategies for inexpensive green products, from natural input materials to optimal value engineering to reducing waste, among others. Chemrez through it’s advocacy of promoting the principles of Green Chemistry developed ChromaFresh®  which breaks both paradigms and renders this dilemma obsolete. These new product lines are formulated to be free of both volatile organic compounds (VOC) and alkyl-phenol ethoxylates (APE).

ChromaFresh® colorants were specifically developed to pass the most stringent quality control and environmental standards.Every color is RoHS-Compliant and free from hazardous substances. ChromaFresh® colorants offer a smart alternative to other established brands. With this new breed of colorants, changeover takes less time and effort. The unique design of the ChromaFresh® system makes it suitable for set up be it at POS or in the factory. ChromaFresh®  is offered in several series, each comprising 8 to 24 colorants selected to workas a system. The most ideal series can be chosen for either in-can or batch tinting. Company’s newest colorants offer consistent strength and shade ensuring accurate color reproduction at point-of-sale tinting. ChromaFresh colorant offers higher strength for dispensers with high accuracy allowing lower tinting cost which is highly suitable for high volume retail or depot tinting of latex and alkyd enamel paints.This high-strength, volumetric colorant delivers “lowest cost in-can tinting” which is highly recommended for in-factory and depot systems.

The product is also ideal for coloring big batches of alkyd, latex and other aqueous coatings using In-plant Series. It utilizes the same pigments in the different series to ensure colors do not exhibit metamerism or shade differences whether tinted at point-of-sale or in the factory. ChromaFresh® was developed with the most demanding considerations for: clean shades for the widest color range with the ideal light fastness, chemical and alkali-resistance; broad compatibility modern surfactants allow wide compatibility with latex, alkyd and lacquer; excellent rheology for the best flow and mechanical stability in a dispensing machine; all-weather stability colorant stability is not affected by extreme temperatures; batch to batch consistency the most stringent control for strength, shade, density and rheology. ChromaFresh® is manufactured by Chemrez Technologies Inc. which has vast resources and experience in various technologies including colorants, polymers, biopetroleum, oleochemicals, powder coatings, food, consumer goods, and others. It serves various industries like petroleum, paint & coating, building & construction, personal & home care, composite, plastic, and agriculture.

The company operates Asia’s first continuous-process biodiesel plant. Chemrez Technologies Inc. practices Integrated Management System which ensures the highest standards for product quality, and care for customers, employees, community and the environment. This incorporates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Furthermore, the company implements the guidelines of Responsible Care® and espouses the principles of Green Chemistry.