The 2010 Chemrez Green Chemistry Awards™




The CHEMREZ Green Chemistry Awards™, sponsored by Chemrez Technologies, Inc.are special awards in the 2010 National Invention Contests and Exhibits (NICE) to be held on 25-27 November 2010 at the SM Cebu Trade Hall, Cebu City. NICE is organized by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) through the Technology Application & Promotion Institute (TAPI).

There are two categories to the CHEMREZ Green Chemistry AwardsTM :

  • Professional – for the general public, individuals or groups; profit or non-profit organizations.
  • Sibol – for students, individuals or groups; high school or college level.
  To vie for the Chemrez Green Chemistry Awards, you should be a winner/qualifier in the Regional Invention Contests and Exhibits (RICE). For details, on how to join RICE, contact the Department of Science and Technology.
Tel: (02) 838 1140 or visit

What is Green Chemistry?

Green chemistry is the use and design of chemical products and / or chemical processes that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of substances, directly or as a by-product, that are hazardous to human health or the ecosphere. Green chemistry applies across the whole life cycle of a resultant product, including the design, manufacture, and use of such chemical products. It consists of chemicals and chemical processes designed to reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts. The use and production of these chemicals may involve reduced waste products, non-toxic components, and improved efficiency.

Green chemistry technologies provide a number of benefits, including:

  • reduced waste, eliminating costly end-of-the-pipe treatments
  • safer products
  • reduced use of energy and resources
  • improved competitiveness of chemical manufacturers and their customers.

Green chemistry is a new and highly effective approach to pollution prevention and ecological degradation because it applies innovative scientific solutions to real-world environmental situations, proceeding from the concept that "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Judging Criteria

The CHEMREZ Green Chemistry Awards entries for both categories above will be adjudged on the exhibit days (16-20 November 2009) along the following lines and their available points in the grading system:

1. Uniqueness (never before). Either as process or product. 15 points
2. Intellectual innovativeness and use of indigenous resources. 20 points
3. Air, Effluent, Solid Waste Impact. 25 points
4. Industrial application and commercial viability. 25 points
5. Efficient use of resources. 15 points
100 points

The Chemrez Green Chemistry Awards™ will provide national recognition of the winning chemical technologies that incorporate the principles of green chemistry into chemical design, manufacture, and use, and that have been or can be utilized by industry and the public in achieving their pollution prevention goals, with green chemistry processes and principles and the following as initial and basic standards:

1. The resultant products or processes should help minimize waste or wastage and reduce the use of energy (ambient temperature processes, etc.).
2. They should be environment-friendly on ingredients, reaction, emission, effluents and processes.
3. They should promote / preserve Health, Safety and the Environment, exhibiting verifiable benefits for the same.
4. They should promote the use of renewable and recyclable resources, with the use of local or indigenous products as a preferred component.
5. Results should ultimately be verifiable either by interview or demonstration under peer review or scrutiny.

The nominated chemistry technology should have a significant impact. The technology should either be broadly applicable to many chemical processes or industries; or, alternatively, it may have great impact on a narrow range of chemistry. The nominated technology should offer at least the following:

  • A practical, cost-effective approach to green chemistry.
  • A remedy to a real environmental or human health problem.
  • One or more technical innovations that can be transferred readily to other processes, facilities, or industry sectors.

Chemrez Green Chemistry Products

To provide contestants concrete examples, below are green chemistry products manufactured by Chemrez and its affiliates:

a) BioActiv™ BD-100

BioActiv™ BD-100 is a fuel enhancer that can be used on any diesel engine. It is made from a renewable resource having similar carbon chain structure as high quality petroleum diesel. Low grade diesel fuel can be enhanced by blending with BioActiv™ to burn better and greatly reduce harmful emissions.

b) BioSol™

BioSol™ is an environment-friendly, plant based cleaner and degreaser. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, has no irritating smell, and is not harmful to human skin. It is effective for cleaning storage tanks, machineries, equipments, motors, air conditioning units, as well as oily and greasy floors of service bays of gasoline stations, motor pools, garages and engine rooms of power plants. It is excellent for cleaning heavy fuel oil tanks, stained surfaces and recovering bunker sludge.


Fil-Amide™ products are oleochemicals derived from vegetable oils which are natural and renewable making them environment-friendly. They are used to create foam and lather in liquid soaps and shampoos. 


Acrylite™ Polymer Emulsions are engineered polymers used in formulating water-based paints, which simply require water as thinner, and in compounding construction products such as cement modifiers. Unlike enamel paints which use solvent thinners, water-based paints are environment-friendly and cause minimal hazardous emissions. In addition, a new generation of Acrylite™ Polymer Emulsions which are formaldehyde-free has been introduced for use in formulating textile paints.


Polycol Aqua™ is an unsaturated polyester resin used for molded figurines and fiber-reinforced plastics. It uses an innovative and environment-friendly polymer chemistry which allows the resin to be mixed with ordinary tap water instead of styrene monomer, an organic solvent that is harmful and flammable, thus, resulting in a healthier and safer working environment.

f) BIO-PLAST™ - Biodegradable Resin for Foamed Material for Packaging

Bio-Plast™, another product from First In Colours Inc., is a starch-based biodegradable material which is used to produce loose fillers and generally as a packaging material, in form of sheet or small-sized bondable particles or of injected foamed material. In particular, the loose fillers are used as protective packages which are generally made of foamed polystyrene, a non-biodegradable material. Bio-Plast™ is an environment-friendly replacement for foamed polystyrene in manufacturing loose fillers.